Trout Pond Fishing Secrets

Learn how to develop a fishing system that will bring you countless hours of great trout fishing. Understand trout and how they normally adapt to a put-and-take trout pond environment. Find out how to use techniques that not only catch trout but will raise your enjoyment of trout pond fishing to an unrivaled level. Get to know the basic flies and what is most important in selecting that right fly. Gain knowledge that will help you recognize a "50 trout day" and how to capitalize on it.


Popular trout fly-patterns that always produce good trout pond fishing action.

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Trout Species

The three most common trout species that make up the put-and-take system of trout fishing.

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Types of watercraft suitable for fly-fishing trout ponds and necessary fish locating devices.

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Natural Foods

Aquatic organisms that might and/or likely inhabit your local trout ponds

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How to pick a starter fly rod assembly for the angler unfamiliar to fly-fishing.

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Fly Tying

Discover how to tie the basic fly that will catch trout.

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